Monday, 26 October 2015

Russ Whitney Says Set Your Goals for Business Growth

Finding the right idea may take a lot of time of research. You may need to shift through a large number of possibilities until the special moment arrives: Russ Whitney informs as when you gain insight into what to do to grow your business your idea needs to be tested in action.

As per Russ Whitney you start to build a little bit of experience in the real estate industry it can get a little harder to set goals for you and your company.Search for changes and opportunities Whitney says in order to identify a specific market that seems suitable for realizing your business dreams.You need to turn your mind to new challenges to keep yourself motivated.

There are a number of goals that you can set that involve improving the team and ensuring that the business as a whole continues to perform. Here are a few Russ Whitney's tips you need to follow when setting goals.


It is unfortunate to have a great idea on how to respond to customer needs.Each one's idea is truly valuable when it is put to action and others benefit from it.You need to design a business "plan" and find the strategies that will lead to success. Ideally, each strategy should consist of clearly defined steps to be completed within a specified time frame; this gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done in every step.

Team Building

At this point your team will have become an extremely valuable asset, so you should make the effort to involve them in the goal setting process at every point. Hold meetings where you discuss your vision for the future of the business and the steps you believe need to be taken to achieve that vision. Listen to feedback and determine what each member of your team can offer to help.

Look For Market Growth

Always keep track of what is happening in local markets and what you can do to supply the demand.Your experience in the industry should allow you to more understand where the market is heading at a particular time and identify opportunities that can be capitalised as a result.

Be Realistic

To reach for new challenges that may be beyond your capabilities as an estate agent it is important to be realistic with new opportunities and to understand exactly what you can bring to the opportunity and if the team that you currently have is capable of taking advantage of the opportunity.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential for turning your ideas into action. You need to ask customers what they think about the product or service you want to offer. Similarly you can ask their opinion again and make any necessary new modifications. This is how you ensure that you have reached the quality standards by responding and increasing the offerings what is needed.

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