Monday, 12 October 2015

Impact of Russ Whitney’s Financial Coaching Classes

For the past 30 years Russ Whitney, the epitome of America has impacted millions of individuals around the world with his highly professional and knowledgeable financial coaching classes. The seminars of the real estate investment king give you skills; capabilities, resource and knowledge that you need to scale your business to the next level. Russ Whitney has created a global empire with his best real estate investing courses.

Effective coaching at reasonable cost

Russ Whitney’s comprehensive and effective financial mentoring class beats all other wealth building courses available today. According to his point of view, seminars are for teaching, not for selling, so he offers it for much reasonable price. Better business bureau (BBB) rated his financial training class with “A” grading and quips that it worth for each and every penny that you’re paying. His information packed classes unlocks people’s passion for real estate business and offers a unique blue print for personal and financial development.

Reviews of Russ Whitney’s seminars:

There is worldwide recognition for Russ Whitney’s eye opening and thought stimulating seminars. People who attended his intensified financial training program told that it was an extraordinary experience and the lessons taught by him were virtually worth full. The attendees of Russ Whitney’s seminars could gain enough knowledge in field of real estate, since the course covers topics such as chart reading, covered calls, real estate investments, live exchange floor trading, asset protection etc. His unique workshops put you on the fast track to success.

Russ Whitney- the perfect tutor:

Russ Whitney mentored several individuals with his in depth education materials in business success strategies and sound wealth building techniques. He insisted them to put their education into practice and asked them to convert their failures and disappointments into positive energies.

Kind hearted:

Apart from his business and training programs, he also shows interest in social welfare. He is supporting a wide range of charitable organizations such as domestic violence shelters, youth programs, elderly programs, Salvation Army services, local food banks, facilities for pregnant teens and single parents, cancer research organization etc. He spends half of his company’s revenues for the welfare of these organizations. He is also generous enough to assist the rehabilitation for prisoners by supplying home study courses and other education materials for free of cost.

Powerful orator:

Russ Whitney is an excellent orator and shared stage with world’s most popular motivational and thought stimulating orators including Margret Thatcher, former U.S president George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and others. Whenever he schedules a seminar, the auditorium filled with enthusiastic crowd, since beyond advice, he delivers a life changing action plan.

Russ Whitney’s wealth intelligence academy:

Russ Whitney’s wealth intelligence academy is the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education organization that is effectively involved in educating real estate and related entities such as large scale land developments, commercial property developments and managing property firms. The primary purpose of this organization is to teach the hard working entrepreneurs about the financial management and help them to reach a meaningful success in their business life.

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