Thursday, 31 December 2015

Russ Whitney's Wealth Management Tips

Wealth management is a term which covers lots of aspects of finance. Russ Whitney suggests, it's a system of financial planning, investment portfolio management, and different other services. Small business owners, high net worth individuals and wealth families often hire the services of a wealth management company.

Russ Whitney claims wealth managers often ensure that their client's money is well-invested, secure, and that the future is well accounted for. This is indeed valuable for those who have accumulated considerable wealth. Unnecessary taxes along with poor investment can prove to be a very significant expense that will require mitigation when they must be avoided. Here are few Russ Whitney's tips to manage your money and how to build wealth.

Manage Your Money And Build Wealth:

Be smart and creative

Stop reading those crappy newspapers and begin believing in abundance and wealth. Most of the greatest fortunes ever made were during the most difficult financial times.

Work hard doing what you love

Wealth is finding the thing that you love and work hard to make it financially possible. Be a reminded that wealth will come if you find that you would for free and very willing to work for it until it will pay off.

Do not spend more than you earn

Be reminded that when you keep spending a lot trying to appear like you are rich, you certainly won't become wealthy. Learn how to save.

Create a financial plan

It would be a great idea for you hire the services of a reliable financial planner so you can create an excellent financial plan. These professionals have the right skill and knowledge to help you build wealth.

Use your time wisely

Most people would think that their money is the biggest asset they have. Experts highly emphasized that it is time. If you want to be wealthy, you must manage your time and money properly. 

Wealth comes from small things

Meaningful work, loving relationships, and good health are just some of the small things that can make you real rich.

Dream big

Be very willing to dream big. Most people are afraid of failing so they just give up their dreams. So the only question is will you act despite fear?

Monday, 14 December 2015

Russ Whitney provides ways to get more leads in 2016

It's that time of the year says Russ Whitney when you sum up the good and the bad, your business achievements and difficulties. In the real estate business, there is an area that always stands to be improved, and that is getting more leads.

Russ Whitney suggests that throughout the year, agents spend countless hours and amounts of energy chasing leads. The hunt for leads may seem like the quest at times. If only there was an all-in-one online marketing solution to help you out... Your wish may have just come true!

Save time by choosing an all-in-one integrated solution, put it to good use for your business, and your odds of turning leads into sales significantly improve.It's a good time to be planning ahead.Below are 4 possible ways Russ Whitney assist for granting your wish to get more leads:

1. Mobile-friendly professional website

Build your brand online with a search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, attractive website. If you want your website to bring in leads, it must attract visitors. Russ Whitney prefers all to choose the solution that has these important features and can be customized to your needs.

2. Get exposure with listing syndication

Make your listings visible everywhere and to everyone. The more websites your listings appear on, the more chances you have to get leads. Enter your listings just once and they get distributed to some of the largest real estate consumer marketplaces with.

3. Boost local exposure with priority placement

Secure priority placement for your listings and your business with featured advertising options. Prospective buyers are busy just like us. A listing placed prominently at the top of the first page on a listing portal, and highlighted, is more likely to attract the attention of home buyers. 

4. Convert leads with smart lead management tools

Social media sharing tools, web forms, print, reports and analytics complete the suite of tools you need to effectively nurture and convert leads. Use the software options available to make yourself more efficient and with lead management tools, you can manage your prospects and turn them into leads.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Russ Whitney’s scams– purely cooked up stories

The ill reviews revolving around the internet in the name Russ Whitney’s scams are truly baseless and indisputable facts.  Russ Whitney is a legitimate high end business consultant, real estate investor, philanthropist and all the above a noble person, who finds pleasure in other’s happiness. The attendees of his financial mentoring seminars and millions of his followers, who are benefited with his powerful insights, are the solid evidences that prove he‘s pure and pious. The article brings out the fact that Russ Whitney scam is completely absurd and insensible.

Russ Whitney- Man of hard work:

His hard work and dedication towards business earned him worldwide fame. Russ Whitney’s most remarkable business achievement is that founding the largest and fastest growing publically traded financial education companies that are deriving a massive revenue of $250 million every year.Through his organization, he is providing jobs and career opportunities to millions of people around the world. Though, now Russ is a successful businessman, his childhood was not that much fruitful. He strived hard, even for his daily bread. Having started his carrier as a slaughter house boy, he managed to become the strategic advisor for CEOs and financial investors of several prominent companies. He’s completely honest and transparent about his failures and mistakes; this brought him to the position what he’s of now.

Russ Whitney scam- No evidence:

Russ Whitney wants his followers to duplicate his success, so he generously shares his wisdom,insights and his own real estate experiences with growing entrepreneurs,motivating these savvy businessmen reach enormous hike in real estate industry.Through his years of fierce full work, he became financially independent, so there is no need for him to indulge in scam and pull money from people. The common rumor that has been spreading against him is that he’s charging more for his financial mentoring programs. Actually, the charge is nothing compared to the knowledge, skills, capabilities and resources a person will gain from his valuable training programs. According to him seminars are for teaching, not for selling. He always sticks to this phrase and makes sure that his real estate and financial mentoring programs are affordable even for common man. If money was his only motive, he would have not made his teaching materials available as free downloads over the web. This clearly reflects that he is striving hard for the betterment of growing entrepreneurs, who want to scale their business to next level. No way he’s involved in any scam and information spreading against him as Russ Whitney’s scam, completely lacks truth.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Russ Whitney Says Set Your Goals for Business Growth

Finding the right idea may take a lot of time of research. You may need to shift through a large number of possibilities until the special moment arrives: Russ Whitney informs as when you gain insight into what to do to grow your business your idea needs to be tested in action.

As per Russ Whitney you start to build a little bit of experience in the real estate industry it can get a little harder to set goals for you and your company.Search for changes and opportunities Whitney says in order to identify a specific market that seems suitable for realizing your business dreams.You need to turn your mind to new challenges to keep yourself motivated.

There are a number of goals that you can set that involve improving the team and ensuring that the business as a whole continues to perform. Here are a few Russ Whitney's tips you need to follow when setting goals.


It is unfortunate to have a great idea on how to respond to customer needs.Each one's idea is truly valuable when it is put to action and others benefit from it.You need to design a business "plan" and find the strategies that will lead to success. Ideally, each strategy should consist of clearly defined steps to be completed within a specified time frame; this gives you a clear picture of what needs to be done in every step.

Team Building

At this point your team will have become an extremely valuable asset, so you should make the effort to involve them in the goal setting process at every point. Hold meetings where you discuss your vision for the future of the business and the steps you believe need to be taken to achieve that vision. Listen to feedback and determine what each member of your team can offer to help.

Look For Market Growth

Always keep track of what is happening in local markets and what you can do to supply the demand.Your experience in the industry should allow you to more understand where the market is heading at a particular time and identify opportunities that can be capitalised as a result.

Be Realistic

To reach for new challenges that may be beyond your capabilities as an estate agent it is important to be realistic with new opportunities and to understand exactly what you can bring to the opportunity and if the team that you currently have is capable of taking advantage of the opportunity.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is essential for turning your ideas into action. You need to ask customers what they think about the product or service you want to offer. Similarly you can ask their opinion again and make any necessary new modifications. This is how you ensure that you have reached the quality standards by responding and increasing the offerings what is needed.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Russ Whitney behind people’s satisfactory Real Estate Success

Russ Whitney as helped change many lives that have approached him for help in the field of real estate and investment. There is an uncountable list of videos that talk about people’s success in real estate. People have not only benefitted from a single real estate investment, but also have learnt the exact strategies that are required for becoming successful in real estate investments in the long run.

People in these videos speak of their encounter to successful investments in real estate and how getting in contact with Russ Whitney changed their perception about how to deal with real estate.

Russ Whitney - Franklin C. - Success Story

Franklin Cruz is one of Russ Whitney’s students who was trained how to invest and make money in real estate. He talks of how he became financially independent after making money through his real estate investment. Franklin Cruz is now a financial trainer himself; he trains his fellow friends and people around him about the strategies that he learnt from Russ Whitney’s classes. He has learnt how to become wealthy by investing in real estate and teaches the same.

Russ Whitney - Marie E. - Success Story

Marie lives in New Jersey and is a software engineer by profession. Marie was looking for someone who invested and real estate and would guide her through profitable real estate investments. She decided to invest in Russ Whitney’s Millionaire you training and she is now a real estate investor. The Millionaire you training from Russ Whitney has helped her achieve her financial dreams.

Russ Whitney - Gary H. - Success Story

Gary is one of Russ Whitney’s students who used his real estate software system in order to make money from real estate investments. Russ Whitney is an experienced real estate trainer who has been teaching for more than three decades. His experience is the key that drives success for all the people who come to him for training.

Russ Whitney - Patrick J. - Success Story

Patrick, another student of Russ Whitney’s Millionaire you training program is now a financially independent individual at 26 years. Patrick wanted to become financially successful through his real estate investments and so he decided to get training from Russ Whitney. Patrick says if you want to become an investor, then Russ Whitney is the right person you should go to.

Russ Whitney - Dana V. - Success Story

Dana, a student of Russ Whitney’s Building life wealth home study course is one of the most successful students of Russ Whitney who has made 80 profitable real estate deals in the year 2011. He says he has applied the techniques and strategies that he learnt from Russ Whitney’s building life wealth home study course.

The list of success stories of people who have made success in real estate through Russ Whitney is just endless. Russ Whitney has made a mark in the real estate business. His trainings are a one-time investment that will make you rich for a life time.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Impact of Russ Whitney’s Financial Coaching Classes

For the past 30 years Russ Whitney, the epitome of America has impacted millions of individuals around the world with his highly professional and knowledgeable financial coaching classes. The seminars of the real estate investment king give you skills; capabilities, resource and knowledge that you need to scale your business to the next level. Russ Whitney has created a global empire with his best real estate investing courses.

Effective coaching at reasonable cost

Russ Whitney’s comprehensive and effective financial mentoring class beats all other wealth building courses available today. According to his point of view, seminars are for teaching, not for selling, so he offers it for much reasonable price. Better business bureau (BBB) rated his financial training class with “A” grading and quips that it worth for each and every penny that you’re paying. His information packed classes unlocks people’s passion for real estate business and offers a unique blue print for personal and financial development.

Reviews of Russ Whitney’s seminars:

There is worldwide recognition for Russ Whitney’s eye opening and thought stimulating seminars. People who attended his intensified financial training program told that it was an extraordinary experience and the lessons taught by him were virtually worth full. The attendees of Russ Whitney’s seminars could gain enough knowledge in field of real estate, since the course covers topics such as chart reading, covered calls, real estate investments, live exchange floor trading, asset protection etc. His unique workshops put you on the fast track to success.

Russ Whitney- the perfect tutor:

Russ Whitney mentored several individuals with his in depth education materials in business success strategies and sound wealth building techniques. He insisted them to put their education into practice and asked them to convert their failures and disappointments into positive energies.

Kind hearted:

Apart from his business and training programs, he also shows interest in social welfare. He is supporting a wide range of charitable organizations such as domestic violence shelters, youth programs, elderly programs, Salvation Army services, local food banks, facilities for pregnant teens and single parents, cancer research organization etc. He spends half of his company’s revenues for the welfare of these organizations. He is also generous enough to assist the rehabilitation for prisoners by supplying home study courses and other education materials for free of cost.

Powerful orator:

Russ Whitney is an excellent orator and shared stage with world’s most popular motivational and thought stimulating orators including Margret Thatcher, former U.S president George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and others. Whenever he schedules a seminar, the auditorium filled with enthusiastic crowd, since beyond advice, he delivers a life changing action plan.

Russ Whitney’s wealth intelligence academy:

Russ Whitney’s wealth intelligence academy is the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education organization that is effectively involved in educating real estate and related entities such as large scale land developments, commercial property developments and managing property firms. The primary purpose of this organization is to teach the hard working entrepreneurs about the financial management and help them to reach a meaningful success in their business life.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Common Terms Used In Real Estate Business-Russ Whitney

When you plan to buy or sell real estate, you come across all kinds of real estate terminology that many of them might not be familiar with. Russ Whitney emphasis on few terms to know what your real estate agent is talking about when they use common real estate term to help make it easier to communicate, thereby making the homebuying or home-selling process much easier. 

If you plan to buy or sell property, then you need to be familiar with some of these common real estate terms. Understanding these terms will make the process of buying or selling real estate much easier.Here are a number of suggestions made by Russ Whitney interms of real estate that each one should familiarize yourself with:

The estimated value of the property as determined by a qualified appraiser. Lenders require an appraisal of a property before providing the mortgage loan to the buyer.

The amount that a property has increased in value over a specific time.

The closing is the scheduled day on which the sale of the property is officially finalized. The buyer signs all the mortgage documents and pays the closing costs and the seller completes the transaction with the buyer.

Closing Costs-
The closing costs refer to all of the costs associated with the final sale of a property. These costs typically include agent fees, origination fees, lawyer fees, title insurance fees, survey fees and taxes.

A condition that must be met before the contract between the buyer and the seller becomes legally binding. If the home inspection reveals major problems, then the contingency allows the buyer to walk away from the contract without losing money.

The amount that a property has declined in value over a specific time.

Down Payment-
The down payment is the amount of money you pay toward a property out of pocket before your lender provides you with the mortgage loan to cover the rest of the property’s price. It varies depending on the type of mortgage you take out. 

Earnest Money Deposit-
The earnest money deposit is the money you provide along with your offer on a house. The earnest money deposit usually accounts for one to two percent of the property’s purchase price. 

The escrow is a deposit of funds or documents, such as the earnest money deposit, that are held by a neutral third party (often an escrow agent) until the sale goes through.

Real estate agents will often refer to homes that are for sale as listings. You can find listings online. These listings include basic information about the home for sale, such as the price, number of bedrooms and square footage.

Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter-
Buyers can get approved for a home loan (known as a mortgage) before they find a property they want to invest in. This is known as being pre-approved for a mortgage. 

Multiple Listing Service-
The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a large database that real estate agents have access to that provides detailed information about most of the properties that are currently on the market.

This insurance helps to protect the lender and the buyer against any losses that occur due to a dispute over the property’s ownership.