Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Russ Whitney's Business/Spiritual Growth

Russ Whitney being a businessman he led his life with many business achievements that included founding and building one of the largest and fastest growing publicly traded financial education companies all over the world.Whitney's hard work helped him to reach the organization's annual revenue of $250 million which provided jobs and career opportunities for more than 2000 people all over the world and in seven different countries.At its pinnacle, Whitney was been rewarded as the Millionaire of real estate investment as his research and hard work both took him some years to achieve his desired goal.

Being the Millionaire Whitney shares much of his experience through online training,CD's and through his well known bestselling book Inner Voice which helps many people to Unlock Your Purpose and Passion.He shares his personal and professional life stories with some perspective he followed throughout his life that gave him joy,happiness,sorrow,miseries and he certainly led a happy life.

Whitney is a personal,business and strategic advisor to numerous prominent companies and served as a CEO and investment advisor for both nationally and internationally.He had been the board of directors for several private,public and non profit corporations.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Russ Whitney's Spirituality

Russ Whitney's Inner Voice showed many individuals the power of life by Unlocking your Purpose and Passion.He has also been the author of Inner Voice Whispers wherein he provides some of the online videos about Whispers of wisdom,spirituality and inspiration which anyone can use to start their day on a great ahead.He mentions some of the things in his book naming blocks that helps people to be successful,happy and fulfilled in their lives.

Whitney says spirituality is the only way to remove blocks and achieve success in life,business,relationship that we want and deserve in life.He believes that if anyone needs to be more spiritual work and learn to be more humble,patient,tolerant and respectful.Spirituality also states that learning how to forgive people will continue to become stronger and the blocks will begin to get smaller and time will evaporate.

Depending on all these above working factors it takes ample of time and effort.If one has the tendency to be harsh or critical to the people whom they care first admit the mistake to them so that removing blocks and barriers to your success can be your goal and working on relationships and spirituality need to be your mission. 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Russ Whitney's Personality Success Profile

Russ Whitney being the founder of Inner Voice wanted to know what motivates others and guides their behavior so that to achieve successful outcomes and thus avoiding the cause of stress and pain.He mentions some few scenarios of life as to why we make decisions and take the actions what we take.

Russ have designed a state-of-art powerful tool using some research scientific methods showing accurate pinpoint of your true personality and behavior style.Thus it acts as an behavioral assessment tool that evaluates why you act and succeed in life the way you do.

Whitney categorizes his thoughts and behaviors that whether you are a Warrior,a Statesperson or both?He tells us to find y do we act the way we do.What are the reasons of success when you experience in some field and what are the difficulties you face doing other tasks.Whitney guides in his Inner Voice personal success profile to understand your behavioral tendencies in the current moment of your life.

This will guide you to more accurately assess your strengths and weaknesses making you better able to formulate an action plan to develop your behavioral skill sets.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Russ Whitney Inner Voice Transformation

Russ Whitney being an author of Inner Voice took him five year journey to discover and led him to know his purpose and passion.He shares his story along this book by guiding through all the courses and phases of life:
  • Being an Athlete, we are more concerned with our physical bodies and appearances
  • Being the Warrior,we want to conquer the world
  • Being the States-person, our outlook shifts from ourselves to how we can make a difference in the world
  • Having Spirit, we realize that we are actually spiritual beings

Whitney has used some of the discovery charts in his journey of success with few parts showing Inner Voice whispers.By making use of this Inner Voice tactics it pleases a reader's joy and it would be worth with your  time and money compared to many books on self help and spirituality.

Russ thus gives us so many wonderful tips for connecting with the spirit in his book.He sets the stage for his transformation by describing his life before his spiritual awakening.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Russ Whitney's Success Strategies

Russ Whitney being a millionaire along with his wide experience of property made him being an authority.He teaches the need for patience.Being a millionaire he did not waste money lavishly on buying luxurious things.Whitney used to invest on all small properties that could give him profit more in future with a positive cash flow.Having so much funds he did not withdraw cash for buying any expensive cars,elegant clothes and many more.Russ Whitney emphasis his point to achieve success in tangible estate,same way you need to uncover the value of funds.His thoughts say every investment will produce far more money than spending it for luxurious things.

Whitney reveals to answer few of his quests to know the real meaning of life?His triumphs and tribulations towards his personal journey Inner Voice have led him a successful person.His true experience have shown us to discover some of the few things in world so as to meet with spiritual leaders,entrepreneur and to become a best Business leader that have helped him with some principles to discover the purpose and passion of life.

Russ had applied some of the training program where one could learn some of the tactics like:
1.Find the purpose and passion of life.
2.Apply the principles of Inner Voice in your daily life.
3.Live in the present-staying out of the past or worrying about the future.
4.Move from warrior to states-person.
5.Shed your old beliefs and find peace in new. 

Russ Whitney Personal Development

Russ Whitney has trained millions of individuals around the world in personal success strategies and sound wealth building techniques personally through his education products and mentored them as they put into practice.He was a newly married high school dropout working in a slaughterhouse for $5 an hour.Whitney was said to be an epitome of the American dream.He overcame a difficult youth and went on to build a successful life as a family man,civic leader,philanthropist,best-selling author,mentor and businessperson.

Whitney achieved financial independence within a short period of time.He quit his job and focused his energy full time on investing business.By the age of 27 Whitney became America's youngest self made millionaires.He created his own company and brought up to market with well known brands as Building Wealth,Teach Me to Trade and many more.Through his business achievements organization's annual revenue reached $250 million and provided job career opportunities to more than 2000 people in seven different countries.

With his entrepreneurship skills it included founding or acquisition of a wide range of businesses like:
1.In 1984,development of first bi-weekly mortgage program in United States.
2.In 2000 and 2006,construction firm that built more than 7000 homes with a revenue of $700 million.
3.Worldwide Recreational equipment rental business with more than 40 locations . 
4.Development of 5000 acre resort and conference center in Monterrey,Costa Rica.   

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Russ Whitney Mentor/Life Coach

Russ Whitney being an entrepreneur,philanthropist,author,real estate investor is recognized as a worldwide business leader in financial training fields. He was the author of more than 30 books and after the day to day operations of his business Russ Whitney launched a personal quest to find the meaning of life? The search took him five years to lead the creation of Inner Voice.

He shares all his experience and provides a guide for learning and applying his Inner Voice principles and strategies.With his personal experience Russ has trained millions of individual around the world to achieve business success strategies and wealth building techniques.He conducted many online training programs and courses so that all individuals could have both learning and teaching opportunities.

Russ Whitney Building Wealth

Russ Whitney has trained millions of individuals around the world with personal development strategies. He discussed his experience, mistakes, success and failures using both learning and teaching opportunities. He wrote more than 30 books and was the best author, conducted many training programs on entrepreneurship, real estate investing

As an author, he achieved many business achievements like building one the fastest and growing public traded financial education companies. Russ Whitney slowly developed the company and brought to market with a well known brand as Building Wealth by adopting some of the business strategies and principles. Russ Whitney shares some of the online training program by Unlocking Your Purpose and Passion. This book lets you good results and satisfaction in what we do.