Monday, 23 November 2015

Russ Whitney’s scams– purely cooked up stories

The ill reviews revolving around the internet in the name Russ Whitney’s scams are truly baseless and indisputable facts.  Russ Whitney is a legitimate high end business consultant, real estate investor, philanthropist and all the above a noble person, who finds pleasure in other’s happiness. The attendees of his financial mentoring seminars and millions of his followers, who are benefited with his powerful insights, are the solid evidences that prove he‘s pure and pious. The article brings out the fact that Russ Whitney scam is completely absurd and insensible.

Russ Whitney- Man of hard work:

His hard work and dedication towards business earned him worldwide fame. Russ Whitney’s most remarkable business achievement is that founding the largest and fastest growing publically traded financial education companies that are deriving a massive revenue of $250 million every year.Through his organization, he is providing jobs and career opportunities to millions of people around the world. Though, now Russ is a successful businessman, his childhood was not that much fruitful. He strived hard, even for his daily bread. Having started his carrier as a slaughter house boy, he managed to become the strategic advisor for CEOs and financial investors of several prominent companies. He’s completely honest and transparent about his failures and mistakes; this brought him to the position what he’s of now.

Russ Whitney scam- No evidence:

Russ Whitney wants his followers to duplicate his success, so he generously shares his wisdom,insights and his own real estate experiences with growing entrepreneurs,motivating these savvy businessmen reach enormous hike in real estate industry.Through his years of fierce full work, he became financially independent, so there is no need for him to indulge in scam and pull money from people. The common rumor that has been spreading against him is that he’s charging more for his financial mentoring programs. Actually, the charge is nothing compared to the knowledge, skills, capabilities and resources a person will gain from his valuable training programs. According to him seminars are for teaching, not for selling. He always sticks to this phrase and makes sure that his real estate and financial mentoring programs are affordable even for common man. If money was his only motive, he would have not made his teaching materials available as free downloads over the web. This clearly reflects that he is striving hard for the betterment of growing entrepreneurs, who want to scale their business to next level. No way he’s involved in any scam and information spreading against him as Russ Whitney’s scam, completely lacks truth.

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