Monday, 8 December 2014

Russ Whitney Personal Development

Russ Whitney has trained millions of individuals around the world in personal success strategies and sound wealth building techniques personally through his education products and mentored them as they put into practice.He was a newly married high school dropout working in a slaughterhouse for $5 an hour.Whitney was said to be an epitome of the American dream.He overcame a difficult youth and went on to build a successful life as a family man,civic leader,philanthropist,best-selling author,mentor and businessperson.

Whitney achieved financial independence within a short period of time.He quit his job and focused his energy full time on investing business.By the age of 27 Whitney became America's youngest self made millionaires.He created his own company and brought up to market with well known brands as Building Wealth,Teach Me to Trade and many more.Through his business achievements organization's annual revenue reached $250 million and provided job career opportunities to more than 2000 people in seven different countries.

With his entrepreneurship skills it included founding or acquisition of a wide range of businesses like:
1.In 1984,development of first bi-weekly mortgage program in United States.
2.In 2000 and 2006,construction firm that built more than 7000 homes with a revenue of $700 million.
3.Worldwide Recreational equipment rental business with more than 40 locations . 
4.Development of 5000 acre resort and conference center in Monterrey,Costa Rica.   

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