Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Russ Whitney Inner Voice Transformation

Russ Whitney being an author of Inner Voice took him five year journey to discover and led him to know his purpose and passion.He shares his story along this book by guiding through all the courses and phases of life:
  • Being an Athlete, we are more concerned with our physical bodies and appearances
  • Being the Warrior,we want to conquer the world
  • Being the States-person, our outlook shifts from ourselves to how we can make a difference in the world
  • Having Spirit, we realize that we are actually spiritual beings

Whitney has used some of the discovery charts in his journey of success with few parts showing Inner Voice whispers.By making use of this Inner Voice tactics it pleases a reader's joy and it would be worth with your  time and money compared to many books on self help and spirituality.

Russ thus gives us so many wonderful tips for connecting with the spirit in his book.He sets the stage for his transformation by describing his life before his spiritual awakening.

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