Friday, 13 March 2015

Russ Whitney-Strategies for Homebuyers

Homes are selling fast and home prices are starting to inch up again. It’s becoming a seller market in many areas.You need to impress real estate,sellers,hire agent and let him needs to the market. Be correct with what you want so that you do not waste your agent’s and your time viewing homes that lack what you want most. There are few main Strategies that Russ Whitney emphasizes for Smart Homebuyers .

Lender Preapproved:
Not only will you know how much home you can buy, you will be ready to make an offer fast. Your real estate agent can comprise the fact that you are finance preapproved by your lender in with the offer, which will carry weight with the seller.

Shop Your Price Range:
In a seller’s market, it’s wise to shop for homes within below your price range. This will give you more room to make total -price offers in case the home you want is in a bidding war with other buyers. You will be able to pay your own closing costs. Trying to buy a home out of your reach during a home and land seller’s market will only cause you and your agent frustration.

Be Flexible:
To get more home for your money, you might shop for an older home that needs overhaul. Try to look past ugly wallpaper and stained carpet and visualize the home with more attractive finishes. You may be able to get more living space in an established area than with a newer home that is priced higher for similar square copy.

Be Ready:
Be ready to make an offer when you believe this is the right home for your family. Once a seller has accepted your offer, proceed as if you are in an average market. Set a reasonable closing date that accommodates the seller as much as possible. Confirm the offer with your lender. Schedule the inspection you need and don’t nitpick the seller over small things.

When you search the home you want, send the seller a letter along with your offer outlining why you love the home.

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