Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Russ Whitney-Simple Way To Manage Financial Investment

Russ Whitney put forth some of the best method to manage all investments is the Investment Portfolio Evaluation Grid. It is a great chart to help organize your present portfolio, even if your investments right now are some money in a savings account, or an IRA or pension plan.Human choices are very fickle so gaining focus is a very important part of any wealth building strategy. This is why it is important to write down your goals and save it in a place you can see it often.

He suggest us some of the ideas to build a good financial wealth account.Having a cushion in your finances gives you more choices in life. This is also an added benefit of being able to say no to jobs you don't like.Just determine the percentage of market value of your portfolio.

1.Take an inventory of all assets and debt
2.Building your wealth account starts by having a detailed list of what you own versus what you owe.
3.Create a budget  
4.A budget is a way of telling your money where to go rather than your money telling you where to go.
5.Automate your savings

With these guidelines you can have a new look at your percentage of portfolio allocated to the investment goals,how to allocate your investment money,the need for income and safety principle tends to increase capital. 

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